Cafe Mundo, in Barrio Amon San Jose

The neighborhood, the street and Cafe Mundo exude charm, charm and more charm.

As soon as you enter the gate in the pale green wall you are confronted by al fresco diners, a small fish pond and an old garden of lush trees, vines and thick bamboo. Up the stairs in the entrance, a chalkboard announces the daily special of salad, main course and cold drink for about US$ 4. Diners’ favorites are the iced-tea and fresh mint iced lemonade. The dark wallpaper and banquettes create an old fashion café ambiance. You have your choice of patios or indoor rooms.

The cuisine is purported to be international, but it is about half upscale Tico with steaks, chicken and fish dishes , and half Italian with a grand array of pastas and pizzas. During weekday lunches, the place is packed with well-dressed diners who have walked to the café from the nearby offices. Most of them seem to know each other. The majority order the daily special which appears on the table in about ten minutes. Friday and Saturday nights are especially busy with groups of friends and couples who come here after the theater or before they make their ways to the bars and clubs. Three kind of bread – slightly peppery multi-grain, white cheese and Italian olive – with crisp crusts come with butter and an olive oil vinegar mix.

Our favorites plates from the menu are the seafood casserole, the eggplant parmigiana, and the juicy chicken breasts in a creamy porcini mushroom and honey sauce with rice and vegetables. A dessert to dream afterwards is either the chocolate mousse or the “three layered Bavaria”. Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate… If you offer tastes to fellow diners, the plate will probably return empty.

We’ve been coming to this place for more than 10 years and it’s one of our favorites and well as fellow travelers who praised their services on TripAdvisor. A regular dinner for two with a shared appetizer, a main course for each, two non-alcoholic beverages and a shared dessert will make somewhere US$ 25 – 35. Every dish is nicely presented, seasoned and generous in size.

Cafe Mundo is closed on Sundays, and their regular schedule is from 11AM to 10PM. They have extended schedule on Friday and Saturday nights. Phone for reservations: 2222 – 6190.

Their facebook fan page: Casa Mundo