Restaurant Review and Recommendation

Sodas, home-style cooking eateries Home-style authentic cooking in Costa Rica lives in every little hamlet in eateries called “sodas”. Don’t be confused by the American slang for carbonated drinks. Club soda is also called soda in Spanish, but this is about the luncheonette -greasy spoon- coffee and sandwich shop-diner-café that serves breakfast, lunch and occasionally […]


Feasting in Costa Rica: Beef and vegetable stew

Soups are surprisingly common in Costa Rica, and the most traditional ones are served hot. Nearly all Nuevo Latino fusion varieties are cold. Olla de Carne is one of three typical weekend specials. It’s a delicious root vegetable and bone-in beef chunk stew. The starches and veggies are potatoes, carrots, camote (sweet potato), chayote (green […]


Feasting in Costa Rica: Ceviche

Ceviche is marinated raw fish. It’s a popular seafood dish all over the country, but especially on both coasts of Costa Rica. In other Latin American countries, it comes with side dishes that complement its flavor such as corn, sweet potato, lettuce or avocado. And one important detail is that it must be prepared fresh […]


Restaurant Review and Recommendation #2

Banco de los Mariscos in Santa Barbara, Heredia Despite there are other three-four restaurants in the Central Valley with same name or very similar (Balcón de los Mariscos), this one ranks head and shoulders above them all. It even compares favorably with venues that costs twice as much and reside by the sea. This restaurant […]


Feasting in Costa Rica: Pejibayes

Pejibaye is calorie-rich palm fruit. You can spot it markets or on roadside fruit stands as a handsome cluster of multicolored golf ball sized spheres – yellow, orange, red green or striped: or they may appear floating in a caldron of water in which they have been boiled. “Crema de pejibaye” soup has the flavor […]


Restaurant Review and Recommendation #3

Cafe Mundo, in Barrio Amon San Jose The neighborhood, the street and Cafe Mundo exude charm, charm and more charm. As soon as you enter the gate in the pale green wall you are confronted by al fresco diners, a small fish pond and an old garden of lush trees, vines and thick bamboo. Up […]


Top 5 Costa Rica Destinations

There are places you really don’t want to miss when traveling to Costa Rica. We strongly believe that sharing is caring, so here’s our favorite top 5 destinations after scouting around the country for over a decade. Arenal: This is the adventure center of the country. Strategically located 3-hr drive from either the LIR or […]